Boot Canting Off? Or poor technique? Or no issue?

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Boot Canting Off? Or poor technique? Or no issue?

Postby DenBumps » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:19 pm

Bought my first pair of mogul specific skis earlier this season (15/16' Dynastar Twisters with Look Pivots) and finally got to ski them this week (there has been so much snow and deep powder that I haven't been able to justify bringing them out till this week!)

So far I love them, but they did cause me to notice a potential issue that I haven't thought about or didn't notice while skiing zipper line moguls with my other skis - likely as my other skis are significantly wider (old Rossignol B2's - 78mm underfoot and Nordica Enforcers - 100mm underfoot).

The issue I've noticed on the Twister's when skiing fall line moguls is that when in "stack" position (back straight and knees bent/adsorbing), is I'm not able to get/keep my skis/boots as close together as I would like or what I'm thinking is optimal even with legs/knees squeezing together. So it feels like the squeezing "pressure" between my knees is greater than the "pressure" between my boots/feet even when I'm able to force them together.

In other words, my knees are together and even when squeezing my legs to the point like I feel like I could actually hold an aspirin between my knees while going down a mogul fall line (knock kneed?), it feels like my boots/skis want to be separated by a few inches.

My thinking is that the "squeezing pressure" or the separation distance between my bent knees and that of my boots/skis should be roughly the same for optimal "zipper line" mogul skiing? (Please correct me if this is incorrect). I would consider myself an advanced/expert mogul skier, but I have never competed nor had any formal mogul couching.

So my questions is... is what I described a possible indication of my boots not being canted correctly, or of poor technique, or is it not an issue (ie. what I'm describing is "normal")?

I've never had my boots professionally "canted" by a boot fitter, but I have tried to self evaluate doing a "drag lift test" on pomas and T-bars (ie trying to feel if my skis/boots are either "pushing in" or "pushing out" from a "natural stance" while riding alone on a drag lift). However if my canting is off, I'm either so used to it that I don't notice anything "wrong" on drag lifts or the canting is off to such a minor amount that a "drag lift test" isn't exposing the issue.

My boots by the way, are 2008 Lange Freeride 130's and do have a canting adjustment on the outside ankle rivet (currently set at "neutral").

A related question I have is... is boot canting set and handled differently for high level mogul skiing? Or is it the same as with other types of skiing (ie racing, "recreational" skiing, etc)?

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Re: Boot Canting Off? Or poor technique? Or no issue?

Postby Old School » Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:23 am

May I suggest you try working on the flats and work on your lead change. You might find the skis and your knees coming right together as you do this. Good Luck.
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Re: Boot Canting Off? Or poor technique? Or no issue?

Postby DenBumps » Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:42 am

Thanks for the suggestion. You are right that I should try to evaluate and work on this on the flats as well.
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