Boots for Mogul Skiing

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Boots for Mogul Skiing

Postby highline18 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:13 pm

I am 5' 9 / 170-180 lbs and an upright aggresive mogul skier, I tend to ski everything with little very quick turns as if everything had moguls (vs. larger slalom, racing-like turns). I ski 50 / 50 out West and in the Northeaster. I have historically always had rental boots but went to a highly regarded boot fitter to get a custom boot (new boot, liner, footbed). He put me into a Lange RS 110 - he said because I had very limited ankle flexibility the boot would be stiff enough flex but not too stiff for moguls (he said it would be too hard skiing powder and moguls in the 130 and that most guys will remove the pins from 130s to lower down to the 110 level when skiing moguls and powder). He also gave me a raised heel to help with the ankle flexibility.

In terms of flex, should I have gone with the 130? I know there are varying opinions on how much flex you should have when trying to ski moguls.

I should also note that the fit is great for my narrow feet / straight feet. Just a question of whether I should have gotten the 130 or is the 110 better for mogul skiing.
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Re: Boots for Mogul Skiing

Postby Four Sticks » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:07 pm

I went with the SX 100 because I wanted even more flex. The others seemed too stiff and too tall for me.
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Re: Boots for Mogul Skiing

Postby danf » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:24 am

I'm 6' and about 175lb. I was skiing a Tecnica Mach1 120, which is as stiff as some 130 boots. I'm now skiing Dalbello's in a 110 flex and I'm much happier. If I could soften them further to 100, I would probably try it. I have too much ankle flexibility so a bit more stiffness in the boot is supposed to be the way to go. 110 flex seems to be about right. I was talking to a mogul coach who prefers really stiff boots, as in 140 or 150 flex stiff and he is smaller and lighter than me. I've also seen the recommendation to get the "2nd stiffest boot from manufacturers" or a medium stiffness boot or a soft boot. That pretty much covers every stiffness category which I guess means that people have different preferences. For me 110 flex is good for now, but maybe as I improve I will want a more rigid/responsive boot and will move up in flex.
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