Boots for Bumps...

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Boots for Bumps...

Postby shreadley » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:00 pm

OK, I'm starting this topic because I recently saw another topic about using AT boots for bumps which I also thought would be a good crossover...NOT. well not for me anyway. First of all, unless you are thinking about using Black Diamond's 'Factor' boots, you will have to convert your bindings to AT which I did. the next thing is that AT bindings have side pins to lock up so you can freeheel. Anyway, I gave it about 3 weeks and although the bindings did hold up to skiing bumps, the boots just didn't have the right flex so I stripped the bindings off and sold the boots and bindings for a big loss.
I personally seek out boots that have a medium flex, go to a particular point and then stop. Zero flex from that point.
I rest my shins in that particular position/flex point then I can motor or at least feel comfortable in the bumps. If I use a boot that keeps on flexing past that point, I get thrown in the back seat.
My question is: does anyone else share that same guideline for picking boots or what do you like or look for in a mogul specific boot?
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