Hart Classic vs Hart WC vs Dynastar Twister

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Hart Classic vs Hart WC vs Dynastar Twister

Postby rondo320 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:15 pm

Just finished my first day on my new Dynastar Twisters and would like to share my impressions.
First, I'm 5'11" and 160lbs (down from 180) and 66 years old. I ski over 100 days a year, mostly bumps. Last season it was 133 days.
For the last 8 years, I've been bumping on Harts with a brief encounter with Cabrwlers which came with a factory defect.
After breaking two pairs of the Classics, I now ski on my last pair of Hart Classics 167, Hart WCs 175 and the new Twisters 175.
I find the Classics to be easy to turn in the bumps but less stable when skiing direct and ramping up the speed. They are also a lot of work when there is powder on the bumps. This may have something to do with the length since 167 is a little short for me and I'm comparing them to 175s in the WCs and the Twisters. However, I think there is more to it then just length and there are fundamental differences in the skis themselves.
The WCs are more stable and less work in the bumps with powder. Unfortunately, they are more demanding and less forgiving. I fall more on these skis than any other. The WCs require a tune or de-tune before you ski them in order to avoid frustration.
I love the Twisters. They seem to take the best from both the Classics and WCs. Easy to turn but stable when skiing direct. I took them out on Mine Dump at Copper for my first run and they felt great even with powder on the bumps. Instant confidence that they would perform and they did. Like the Classics, they don't need to be tuned or de-tuned before skiing them for the first time.
Last spring, Suburban Ski and Bike had the Twisters on sale for $369. A friend of mine bought them and I tried them out. Before I could order a pair they ran out of the 175s. This season on November 30th, for some reason Suburban dropped the price on the 2016 175s back to $369 and I ordered them. The 168s and 182s stayed at $549 and the 175s are now back at that price too. Even at $549 or $439 on this site, they are still a bargain compared to Harts.
As for skiing on the groomed, all three can handle a tuck. If you had to demo PSIA railroad track carved turns there are better skis for that but the Classics would be the best of the three.
I can see why the Twisters are the choice of 85% of Bumpapalooza participants. I'll be there this year with mine.
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Re: Hart Classic vs Hart WC vs Dynastar Twister

Postby SSSdave » Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:48 am

The Twisters line indeed seem to bring smiles to a wide range of bump skiers. Nice to read when accomplished bump skiers have a common positive experience with a ski and share how that is because it gives confidence to the next person choosing to spend their considerable moneys on a ski.

2 weeks ago at Kirkwood parking lot (base now > 100 inches) (jpg disappears on Jan 29) Me 140# 66" age 67. My 2011 168cm Twisters below won't look like anyone else's because did not want to look at the punk graphic so spray painted over.

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