MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

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MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

Postby mikeskisandflies » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:37 am

I'm very tempted to get some Scarpa Freedom SL boots for the coming season.
I note that better bump skiers are riding soft boots to really help stay centered.
Looking at the flex and range of movement in the scarpas I cannot help but see a lot in common? Thoughts?
When teaching bumps on European instructor licenses we had to ski the line with boots unbuckled and this helped develop technique for many students.... As I said an alpine focused touring/free ride boot might work nicely?
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Re: MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

Postby mjskier » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:33 pm

I can't really help, having never skied an AT boot.
But I'll point out that an insanely successful boot like the Raichle/Full Tilt is still very stiff side to side.
(And even with a soft tongue it allows you to put tons of pressure on the front of the ski)
So first thing I would do when trying an AT boot is to check how much pressure you can really put on the edges.
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Re: MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

Postby getoffmylawn » Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:59 am

I feel compelled to revive this dead thread after skiing Freedom SLs at Killington the first month of this season. I had the same hunch you did that they'd be good mogul boots.

They are *pretty good*. Not great. The Freedom RS would probably be better. The issue is that they are very nonlinear in their forward flex -- much worse than the Tecnica Cochise I used to have as a soft/AT boot. That said they are much stiffer side to side. I have to be careful not to overpower them -- just like an unbuckled boot or a race boot with the rivet popped if skiing slalom. But I am a very big guy (6'4, 225lb) and if you aren't, the Freedom SL might work very well for you.

They don't work poorly for me; they're just not as excellent as I'd hoped. They are in fact very good going uphill and they weigh nothing. If you like to run footbeds, be aware that the boot shell is very wide but not very tall and you may have some difficulty if you have a foot that is "high volume" in the vertical dimension. I'd expect the RS to have all these properties but be a little stiffer front-to-back and harder to overpower -- and, of course, for that you can pay $200 more.

Be aware Scarpa boot shells break on the half size, not the full size like most other brands, and be sure you try them on before buying. I found them terribly painful until I molded the liners, but it was easy to do in my oven.
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Re: MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

Postby shreadley » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:47 am

I feel compelled to weigh in on this subject. I too had this idea because I consistently seek out THE perfect bump boot. I have come to a few conclusions. Boots are soo individual. I have a buddy that I shread with with the same size boots so we've switched from time to time and we both suck with the others boots. I mean, I can rock with them but I know there is something very wrong with them. Perhaps it takes a bit of time to adapt with a new tool. Down deep don't think so.
I have more boots than skis by a wide margin. I also went out and picked up some scarpas. the big thing about Scarpas is that you have to commit to an AT binding setup
which means that you have to change ALL of your skis to AT bindings. The boots didn't work out so I had to scrap not only the boots but the AT bindings. a pretty big chunk!
the other think that I've found was that I prefer a boot that has a flex pattern that goes to a particular point then it pretty well locks in right there. not further foward lean. That is the point where I live. In the bumps anyway. I'm just wondering I any of the other serious bumpers have that same feeling because if so, We've go the making of another subject.
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Re: MOGUL BOOTS.... anyone tried touring boots?

Postby getoffmylawn » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:14 am

The Scarpa Freedom (and many other boots) are available with interchangeable AT/DIN sole blocks -- so you can ski any binding you like, within reason.

After another few months on them I can say that remolding the tongue and letting it pack down through use has largely addressed my issues with uneven forward flex. They are pretty good now, just soft -- I reliably bottom them out when I get air. But as previously noted I am big-boned. After molding and another 10 or so days of heavy use I actually got some off-the-shelf low volume footbeds in them which improved them significantly. I'd say they are now pretty decent all around. Since nobody bought my Classic STs I'm actually considering having their Pivots remounted to the Scarpas' BSL.
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