F17 Hart Classic ski length question

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F17 Hart Classic ski length question

Postby zimster » Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:06 pm

I enjoy skiing mogul runs and am looking to get dedicated mogul skis. Have heard great things about the Hart F17 Classics - great edge to edge and sidecut is good for practicing short radius turns on groomed runs. Question is ski length. I am around 171 cm tall but the ski comes in 167 or 175 cm. So 1.5 inches shorter or taller than me. I currently ski the 170 cm Blizzard Latigo. What is the recommendation here? People have said with shorter, one can "boss" them around and make short radius turns easier. Longer skis give more stability at higher speed and more platform to absorb and balance off in the moguls. I have been getting mixed recommendations both ways from some excellent mogul skiers (including Chris). My goal is to have a ski that I can enjoy going down the run in a zipperline, making short turns when needed down the spine of the mogul or across an ice patch if no moguls nearby to keep the rhythm going. Don't want to struggle with the ski - just have a blast and continue to build technique over time.
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Re: F17 Hart Classic ski length question

Postby brptrailrider » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:48 am

What did you end up with? Are you happy with your choice?
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