State of U.S. Mogul Skiing: Is it sufferring?

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State of U.S. Mogul Skiing: Is it sufferring?

Postby KarenB » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:11 pm

From the article on Hannah Kearney: ... retirement

Is U.S. mogul skiing suffering hard times at the moment?

I think that’s true. The team overall probably had more people in the top 10, 10 years ago. Now we’re in kind of a transition period. We’ve hired an aerials coach and that will help, and a new head coach, and we have talent. But it might take time. Someone could come up from Nor-Am level and do well at any time, so we have depth. But right now the Canadians have something going on that’s hard to beat.

My opinion?

It seems like on both the male and female side, the whole team tends to make the finals. And, then, 3-5 are making it into to the top 10.

The consistency might not be where we want it yet, but we've had a lot of people in the top 5--so a lot of people are knocking on that podium door.
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