Pants and heel pain

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Pants and heel pain

Postby Acdawg » Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:26 pm

Hey ski folks,
I'm looking for a review of the ski jackets at that Christy Sports website. I have never bought anything online in my whole life so I am a little hesitant about where to buy the ski jacket I'm looking for. I checked out coat factories in my town but I live in Indiana and they don't have a huge selection. I figured I would have to do some online shopping. Can anyone let me know if they have ever bought womens ski jackets from there? My first ski trip of the season is scheduled for 2 weeks from tomorrow at Perfect North with some of my boys so I need to find a pair fast. Thanks! By the way, I recently developed plantar fasciatis. Does anyone know how that will affect my skiing?
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Re: Pants and heel pain

Postby vmpatterson » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:57 pm

Hopefully you found out that the plantar fasciatis didn't bother your skiing. I am going thru my second bout of PF and it hasn't affected my skiing nor been painful. The 1st case was 10-12 years ago and was much worse than this time. Do some good stretching and wear a PF boot at night and you shouldn't have a problem if you case is like mine. My PF hits in the back part of the heels, its more forward that might be a bit different. I did notice some heel pain one day but that just told me I was pushing to much on the tail. Got more forward the next day and no problems.
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