from the Sierra Nevada

Post your photos and videos of moguls or mogul skiing here. If you post a video or photo of you skiing moguls, you'll hopefully get some feedback on your style. Remember: no matter how good you are, you can always improve!

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from the Sierra Nevada

Postby SSSdave » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:10 pm


Each winter over the last decade activity on this mogul board has dwindled and this winter despite the best snows in much of The West over several years, less postings. I hope members wake up and participate because moguls are not going away because they are always going to form regardless. So will bother to add this post and encourage others to do likewise showing we bump skiers are still at it.

Above is a picture from Saturday at my season pass resort Kirkwood of Look-out-Yanek, our best bump run over decades despite the fact there are fewer mogul skiers on the run versus decades ago since most advanced skiers today are on wider all mountain skis.

The red line on lookers right is one of the best moderate gradient slopes with medium to small bumps for practicing technique on in the Tahoe region. I favor the curving fall line in red just above the lip of a shallow gully to lookers left. And note above the red line where bumps are often large, is about 60% grade on average.

Beneath the Cornice Express quad chair is the red line lookers left where one can see tower 8 and 9. Between tall red firs and mountain hemlock, and facing due north, snow tends to remain packed powder even after warmer days. In this image due to the shade, one cannot see the form or size of the bumps that are medium with some larger bumps at the bottom of the shade. Below that in the sun, no bumps at all due to few skiers taking that Hollywood line above. The line moves out of the direct fall line to skiers right. Skied both lines several times that day sometimes stopping once.


This next image is at Dodge Ridge, a small resort in the Central Sierra that I have found is a wise choice on fresh snow days after cold storms because unlike the big Tahoe resorts, there is not as much competition from advanced skiers so more difficult powder lines last longer especially in all the tree areas that are considerable. The above was what I amused myself with early morning on my first 4 runs of the day after a couple feet of new snow. When I want to as a small 140# 66" guy, I can bounce down low gradient slopes, powder skiing making short turns just like I was in bumps haha. My powder skis are Rossi S7' while my bump skis are Twisters.


Above are a couple tracks shot down from the lift ride where I came out of trees.


And this last image a really fun line shot down from my lift ride at what I had just bounced down minutes before. In the distance one can see the groomed boundary run that routes back to the lift base just off frame right. Snow base there is over 12 feet deep with numbers of fair sized granite boulders essentially buried.

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Re: from the Sierra Nevada

Postby danf » Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:56 pm

I skied Look-out-Yanek at Kirkwood back in January. The middle part of the run is fairly steep with large bumps. I had some trouble in that area. The lower part is easy but a good place to practice and learn. I have some pics but need to figure out how to make them small enough to post.

The best mogul run in Tahoe for me is Little Dipper at Heavenly Valley. I will take pictures the next time I go. There is a regular local crew that is always there. It's perfect for me to learn. Heavenly also has Gunbarrel, but that is really steep with huge moguls made by people who are doing a lot of sliding and struggling. So it's steep, icy, and weird.
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