January 1 snow

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January 1 snow

Postby rondo320 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:51 pm

A lot of powder on Mine Dump at Copper today.
Definitely a fat ski day.
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Re: January 1 snow

Postby Flowstate » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:43 pm

Hey fellow copper bumper!
Epic year indeed. I remember a few good storms around Jan 1. Can't wait for winter.
So, I just found this web page. Yup. It's sweet
I think I meet you on mine dump this winter. I have blizzard skis and ski pretty big turns in the bumps.(?)
Ring any bells?
My main point is.... I would like to organize copper bumpers to have more of a presence at the hill. Karpy has bump busters but it not ripping level besides. I'm thinking of a group that can meet via this site and really tear it up.
Are you interested in something like this. Like hells angels. But not motorcycles. Bumps!!
No matter the day. Hells bumpers are organized and ripping lines with purpose. Plus we could always have a clinic directed by a single member for that day. Movement analysis and skill drills.
Are you game?
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Re: January 1 snow

Postby rondo320 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:29 pm

Of course I remember.
I'm in on the Copper bump gang. I'm thinking at least some rollers in the early season and dedicated seeded lines once Mine Dump opens.
We need to put some pressure on management and make them believe that there's something other than racing.
Copper has the terrain but doesn't have the will, that's got to change.
The guy who really needs to get onboard the bump gang is Karpy. He has the most pull.
Even without Copper's cooperation, the Hell's Bumpers ripping lines as a group is primo. Sort of like Bumpapalooza but on a continuous basis and doesn't require Copper's consent.
Got 21 days in at the Basin for a total of 128. But if next year is a decent season, I'll beat that easy since I retire Jan. 1 at 65.
Dumped the F-17 classics for the world cups and after a lot of coaching in May and June, I'm now skiing more direct than I ever did. But, I know I can do better.
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