Need alot of help!!!

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Re: Need alot of help!!!

Postby skyline » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:24 pm

coloradomogulskier wrote:When I competed, I was getting in around 100 days. In the last few years I have been around 50-70 and I have seen some cracks in the armour.

awww poor baby!... life is rough...

I get 50-70 days in skiing in "4 years"...which equates to 15-20 days a year... if I'm real lucky. So for the average mogul jockey like myself I don't have the luxury to ski flats for weeks on end to perfect our Chuck Martin Mogul Logic like techniques before we hit the bumps. And at $80 for a day ticket every moment on the hill is spent testing personal physical limits. Therefore our/my(weekend warrior) approach needs to be somewhat different.

From past experience I know I can't ski bumps for more than a couple of hours at an outing but that still leaves at least 3 more hours of prime ski time. Since I ski Whistler I take full advantage of groomed cruisers. A mile of vertical offers lots of nonstop terrain to mess with. I mostly ski on my Twisters(182 cm) and trust me when I say that they are a blast at GS speeds. That still leaves lots of time and space to work slower short radius turns etc.

By the end of the day I am usually exhausted, sore, and cramp for hours... "so what!" I walk and move funny for a week... so what! Last week I bottomed out in a trough and heard/felt a "crunch" ... tweaked my 4th rib at the seratus anterior insertion...still hurts to have sex... "so what!"

I ski bumps and am real lucky to still be able to do so. If you don't believe me ask someone/anyone who no longer is able to ski moguls... or for that matter just ski. Skiing moguls is a great way to gauge one skiing fitness. Nothing like feeling that effortless zipper line flow... its addictive. All I need is one good run every week or so to keep me coming back for more. So ...since I only get in 15 days a year I ski my ass off each day out.

Forty days before you get your bump legs ... and you are only 35 years old... Like I said CMS... "poor baby"

That's right!... I'm just a little green with envy... :mrgreen:
It's not that you can't ski moguls... it's that you can't ski and moguls prove it...
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Re: Need alot of help!!!

Postby mitch236 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:24 am

Yea I know, but I can't move from sunny Florida!! I'll just have to do the best I can. I just want to be confident. With 15 days a year, I can ski almost anything flat. I feel very confident and my technique is fairly good. I am realistic. I don't expect to look anything like a WC. I just think bumps are exciting where flat trails are boring. Only when flats get steep do I get that rush but it still doesn't compare to what I feel when I get a few bumps in a row. It's just more active. And addictive!!

Thanks for all the advice though. I'm trying to setup one of the summer camps.
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Re: Need alot of help!!!

Postby mitch236 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:58 am

I went back to my first posts to find out how long I've been trying to ski bumps and WOW! It's been 6 years and I'm still struggling although just last week I had a run of 4-5 bumps where everything clicked! It felt like I was water flowing down the slope. My skis and body just seemed to flow with the bumps and it didn't feel like I was "actively" doing anything. Of course, that was one time and I haven't been able to repeat that but my mogul skiing has improved in the past 6 years. I re-read all the wonderful advice given in this thread and now that I've come this far, I realize it was all good advice. It's hard to tell someone who wants to ski moguls that he has to first spend 30+ days on the flats learning to turn properly but that is the truth. Until one can turn confidently on the flats, there is very little chance of navigating moguls.

I figure at my current rate it will take 3 more years before I can ski moguls the way I did for those 4-5 bumps consistently. That will make me 60 years old and still learning new things!!!

Oh, and thanks to everyone here!
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