from 1080 mogul to wall mogul. Fine but, but...

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from 1080 mogul to wall mogul. Fine but, but...

Postby shreadley » Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:49 pm

Even if they were a bit dated,I was just happy as could be with my 1080 moguls until the metal edge started to come apart so I bought wall moguls the same size and my same bindings and mounted them boot ctr.(just like the salomons). I detuned them exactly like the 1080's, but now it's like i'm starting to ski bumps all over again. The tips cross constantly, if I'm back just a little, the tips spread. The one good part of the scenario is that on a bump corse, I can take a faster approach leading up to the jump, get higher air than ever before and not worry about recovering after the landing. I think the salomons were way too narrow anyway, but what about the inconsistency in the bumps?
My profile is no way as tight as I was. Should I remount them foward, more bevel, more detuning?
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Re: from 1080 mogul to wall mogul. Fine but, but...

Postby coloradomogulskier » Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:38 am

Never bevel a mogul ski. De-tuning is also unnecessary. I am on the ID-one, basically an upgraded 1080. I am center mounted and tuned sharp tip to tail.
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